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From mast to flagpole

Friday, October 15, 2010


flagpole with crane3

Hoisting the flag Oct 2010



What to do with an aluminium mast from the 43 when it had been replaced with a new, IRC-optimised carbon rig?  Turn it into a flagpole of course.  Erected this week at Jim Farmer's house on the edge of Lake Karapiro by the start of the rowing course and in time for the World Rowing Championships at the end of October.  Photos here show the mast, which was constructed by New Zealand Rigging, being lifted into place by a crane, Jim raising the first flag ( which despite its 2 x 1 metre size looked like a pocket handkerchief aloft) and the flag flying in a stiff Waikato breeze.  Thanks to George Hendy and Shaun (Geeza) Mason for their work.  Next job: order a bigger flag.