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Good Start for Georgia in Melbourne Festival of Sails Regatta

Friday, January 27, 2012

Geelong Race 26 Jan 2012 The Geelong end of the Melbourne Festival of Sails Regatta started yesterday with the traditional Melbourne to Geelong race.  With over 150 boats on the startline – and another 180 on a further startline just behind – a good start was necessary for the 32 mile race.  GEORGIA got it and at the first upwind mark 4 miles into the race led the fleet just ahead of LIVING DOLL, SHOGUN V and CALM, her main opponents.

On the next 20 mile leg – a reach – LIVING DOLL eventually passed GEORGIA, which was no surprise because of her longer water line length.   What was a surprise was that GEORGIA was able to hang on to her and then towards the end of the leg, with the breeze filling in gradually, took the lead again.  By this time, SHOGUN had joined the party and a large tent could have been thrown over the 3 boats as they headed to the mark.

Unfortunately, an ambiguity in the description of the mark and a lack of local knowledge led to GEORGIA turning around the wrong mark which enabled SHOGUN to take the lead.  GEORGIA managed to hold off LIVING DOLL and that was how it stayed to the end of the race.

On IRC SHOGUN was first, GEORGIA second, CALM third, TERRA FIRMA fourth and LIVING DOLL fifth.

With 3 windward-leeward races scheduled for today the racing is clearly going to continue to be tight.  GEORGIA's new, deeper, fin and 3Di jibs are clearly a success and the boat is definitely stiffer and accelerates better.