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Georgia targets South Pacific Cup for NZ

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

By ROB MUNDLE - As the number of yachts entered for Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2010 approaches the magical figure of 200 the New Zealanders have declared they are on a mission – they want the South Pacific Cup.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has advised Hamilton Island Yacht Club that two highly competitive yachts, Jim Farmer's new TP52, Georgia, and Rob Basset's 52-footer, Wired, will be racing under the club's burgee in the Kiwi quest for the trophy.

The South Pacific Cup is an international team event which was first contested at the 25th staging of Audi Hamilton Island Race Week two years ago. The Australian team comprising Yendys (Geoff Ross), Alegria (Rod Jones) and Living Doll (Michael Hiatt) claimed the prize.

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week officials will meet this week to select the two Australian yachts which will defend the cup at the regatta, which starts on August 20.

The entry list for the 27th edition of Race Week is now nudging 190, and with a few days to go until the close of nominations, indications are that it could go as high as 200.

Ironically, among the entries about to be lodged are the largest contender – Lang Walker's spectacular new 58-metre superyacht, Kokomo – and some of the smallest – three 6.1 metre long SB3 sportboats. And, while the yachts are coming from around Australia and overseas, so too are the competitors: ex-pat Australian Robbie Vaughan, who won the Cruising Division two years ago, will be returning from America to race his 64-footer, Van Diemen III; and Mount Isa panel beater Greg Fietz will be arriving with four mates in the hope they find crew positions for the week. 'We've heard so much about Race Week we just know that we want to do it, so we're turning up on spec in hope we find a ride,' Fietz explained. 'It will be a nice change from the bush.'